Curling Memberships

Joining The Maitland Curling Club

The Maitland Curling Club fee structure establishes curling as the affordable winter sport. There are numerous options and price points available to you. See the chart below for more information.

Terms and Definitions:

  • Team membership: this membership allows for a “group” of individuals (5 or more) to submit a team to the league consisting of a number of players from a local industry, business, etc. For example, Kinsmen Club Team, Sifto Salt Team, Teachers’ Team, etc.
  • New Curler: any individual who has not been a member for a period of 2 years or more




Curling Membership Print Out

2018-19 Maitland Curling Membership Fee Schedule

Type of MembershipBase Cost HST CurlOn FeeTotal
Team Membership (1 Night)$878.05$121.95$79.80$1,079.80
Returning Adult - Full $371.68
New Adult - Full$336.28
Returning Adult -One Night $221.24$28.76
New Adult - One Night
Junior Membership (Under 18)
Stick & Doubles$175.00$22.75$19.95$217.70
Ice Rink Rental
Ice Rental
4 hours
Ice Rental
Full Day