Our 2020 summer season has officially closed.
See you in the Spring of 2021!

2021 Golf Memberships

By choosing to become a member at the Maitland Golf Course, you are gaining unlimited access to one of the most scenic golf courses in the area.

Sign up for a cart pass, and enjoy unlimited use of a single power cart while you play!

Please stay tuned as we prepare our 2021 membership rates.

Early Bird Discount

Register early for 2021 to enjoy 10% off your membership.

Refer-a-Friend Program

If you are a member at the Maitland Golf Course, you know how lucky you are to have such a special place to play the game that you love. Experience the pride of sharing a place you love with others, and take advantage of our Refer-a-Friend Program. We are pleased to offer any current member a 20% credit for every person you introduce, who also becomes a member. This means that, as the referring member, you will receive 20% off the new member’s dues as a credit to your account.