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Our website is now capable of allowing you to advertise. The new Curling season is fast approaching and time to consider your advertising options for the upcoming season. We have some new option for you to consider.

The 4×8 Sign includes a year round advertising on the Ice Rink/Golf club storage area. In Addition, 2 weeks of advertising on our outside wall is included with the advertiser offering a minor item as daily or weekly draw prize.

For the website we have a Business card style advertising on this website. This would be a year around Ad. The cost is halved if you also currently have an in-ice or wall advertising.

Type Of Advertising Cost
4x8 wall sign $500 per year
23x25 in- ice sign $200 per Season
$250 1st Season
Business card on Website $50.00
Business card on website with additional advertising option $25.00


For more information Send us Email to info@themaitland.com

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